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Providing Enterprise & Business Valuation / Appraisal opinions for lenders, debtors, investors, pension funds, insurers, corporations, insolvency practitioners on the realizable value of going concerns, intangible assets and other specialized business assets (either at the level of company or Division, Product Line, Plant or Store) in order to support various applications like:

  • Business Planning, Due Diligence, Acquisition and Sale Fairness Opinions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sale and Divestiture,
  • Equity and Debt Investments / Raises, Debt to Equity Swap, Lending, Asset-Based Loan Collateral,
  • Privatization, Forced and Orderly Liquidation, Debt Restructuring, Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcies, Solvency Opinions,
  • Dividends Recapitalization, Capital Adequacy, Share Based Compensation / Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Management Buyouts, Inter-Shareholder Transactions, Related party Transactions,
  • Financial reporting, Tax Matters, Purchase Price Allocation, Valuations for Goodwill Impairment, Deferred and stock based compensation, Cost segregation, Transfer pricing, Golden parachutes and non-compete agreements, Ad valorem, Like-kind exchanges of tangible and intangible assets,
  • Litigation Support in Valuation Dispute Resolution,
  • Risk Management and Insurance.

The Enterprise Valuations process cover Tangible (Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Machinery & Equipment, Real Estate, Investment Portfolios) and Intangible Asset Appraisals Including Trade names and Intellectual Property, as well as Liabilities Appraisal (including contingency) and Quality of Earnings.

Moreover, RIVALE provides consulting services to large-income individuals, family trust attorney offices, tax accountants and administrators / trustees. We understand the potential of conflicts between company and shareholders goals and the needs of business owners.

RIVALE also provides opinions on fair value for Preferred equity, Convertible securities, Warrants, Options and investments either traded in deregulated markets or not regularly traded in public markets and in general all manner of lower liquidity investments.

Last but not least, we have the capacity and experience to handle any size portfolio involving any financial instruments, including secured and unsecured loans and all other debt instruments.

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