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Our experience and industries:

Multidisciplinary Domains Interaction

Based on over 20 years of extensive experience accumulated in several fields like:

 Enterprise Risk Management

Banking Risk Management

Internal Control

 Enterprises Valuation

 Business Assets Valuation

 Business Planning

 Project Finance

 Process Management

 Corporate Finance

 Insolvency Management

 Turnaround and Restructuring

 Debt Recovery

 Distressed Assets Management



Wholesale Distribution

Heavy Industries




Software Services

Other Services

Our Mission

Defense in Depth

Business Model Innovation based on Enterprise Risk Management means:

Keeping Risk Level As Low As Reasonable Achievable
Increasing Business Resilience;
Rising Business Value by controlling (1) Risk Cost and by ensuring (2) Business Continuity under adverse circumstances.
Creating Value as a function of risk and return by seeking and exploiting opportunities, preventing avoidable loss events, accepting and owning the right risks to achieve competitive advantage, using risk management savings to fund strategic corporate initiatives.

Creating value by developing a strong innovative risk management means:

 Revenues growth – Customers satisfied with increased security increase purchases based on their desire to trade with a more secure company, as its chances of surviving sudden difficulties improve. As the firm gains relief from its fears of risks, the company can improve long-term and continuous service and this gives more confidence to the clients.
 Sustainable supply chain – Suppliers more willing to offer sales facilities, higher volumes, lower prices, more supplier credit.
 Insurance premium rates diminish – since the residual risks decrease.
 Debt Interest Rates diminish – Creditors appreciate the improved security (this is the main effect of a high credit rating) such as improvement of account receivables, better foreign exchange position,
 Talent Attraction & Retention – Employees would feel better working for a more secure company.
 Equity Growth – investors are willing to buy shares issued by companies, which they trust, are able to control the risks appropriatelly.

Why choose us?

We are building behind the Business, Building Processes for Anticipating, Preventing, Changing and Transforming by providing multidisciplinary solutions.

Problems detecting behaviour for identifying hidden issues and look beyound the obvious and the first simple answer received;

Accelerating decision making process, accurately, sometimes having incomplete supporting data;

Risk-Driven Decision making process based upon analysis and judgment;
Defining future scenarios and anticipating future consequences and trends accurately;

Dealing with ambiguity by adapting to the changes and work with uncertainties;
Organizational agility and flexibility when dramatic changes affects the company;

Inspiring and motivating groups of people and organizations by defining the vision, mission and values;

Ability to keep the team members together during tough times;

Ability to work with paradox based on strong, but flexible standards so as to act in different ways for reaching the same objective in different situation.

Integrating Risks at the Enterprise Level

Risk Management Culture Development

Development of Risk Management Strategies, Policies and Tactics

Risk Management Staff Training

Risk Cost Assessment

Risk Adjusted Return Concept implementation

Creating Risk Rating Models

Designing of robust Internal Control processes that determined reduction of risk cost

Management and Control of Exception / Deviation from the approval terms and from internal policies

Business Valuation for M&A and Funding purposes in various industries like: FMCG, HORECA, Automotive, Metallurgy, Transportation, Software Services

Business Planning for Funding purposes in various industries like: Financial Institutions (factoring, insurance, leasing), wholesale distribution, Software Services, etc

Designing Debt funded / unfunded sub-participation transactions

Timely identification of debtors entering insolvency

Turnaround strategies / solutions for businesses in default

Transformation and Integration of lending related activities while ensuring a very stable transition period (keeping the cooperative climate, motivating people, avoiding tension with Trade Unions, preserving organisation’s competences)

Implementation of Best Practices in Project Finance process in respect of financing sources identification and project cost assessment, monitoring and control

Implementation of best practices in collateral appraisal and monitoring activity

Assets Valuation Process Review and Monitoring

Cost and quality management of outsourced services (debt collection, collateral appraisal, etc)

Debt recovery concept reform by reviewing the recovery workflow, improving amicable deals control and results; implementing effective recoveries strategies based on relationship networking consisting of insolvency practitioners, lawyers houses, other creditors, external auditors, appraisers, M&A consultants, Streamlining approval authority by laws, Generating the distressed assets realisation workflow

Creating synergies between debt recovery unit and risk control unit for identifying root causes that determined the default; this was a contribution to the review of credit products design and to the strengthening of loan administration and monitoring

Reviewing debt restructuring policies in order to ensure the parity against other creditors

Management of unsecured claim selling process

Enhancing decision supporting instruments for Assets Realization based on economic values of businesses in distress

Participating to the initiatives for insolvency process reform in Romania under the Investment Climate Reform Concept (initiated by The World Bank) by determining a stronger attachment of entrepreneurs to their own businesses in order for them to avoid insolvency and to co-operate with creditors for finding out-of-the-Court restructuring solutions


“Only the very best, no other interest…”, Tim Rice

Mircea Dima

Founder, Managing Partner, Enterprise Risk Management, Business & Assets Valuation, Project & Corporate Finance

Georgina Popescu

Partner, Change Management & Professional Development Solutions

Aurelian Dobrescu

Partner, Insolvency & Debt Restructuring