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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Charles Darwin

Everything starts from Managerial Courage, the prerequisite value for deciding the Change. Recognizing the losses at the right moment, it may avoid accumulating losses even further.

Transformation by creating new values, it follows, but different values of those that governed the business environment before the economic crisis, such as:

  • The practice of detecting hidden problems, beyond what is obvious and what is revealed by statistical models (which does not catch the variables determined by human nature in the economy, excepting of mimetic behavior, but come up with overestimation of the perspective);
  • Handling ambiguity, recognizing uncertainty as being a normal behavior of the economy and take it as a reality, which we must live with, by creating lighter, flexible and antifragile organisational structures, as well as a management able to make valuable decisions based on incomplete data;
  • Ability of administrating the paradox, by consolidating solid, but yielding standards that gives the possibility to act differently for reaching the same objectives under different circumstances.

 Repositioning of the business transformed, through a new entrepreneurial and managerial culture, based on the long term stability prospect of companies, economy and eventually of the life quality, means the avoidance of both extremes revealed by economic crisis, namely the fight for market share, before global crisis, by using excessively the deviations from prudence, on one hand and restriction of every development financing through the risk management of the highest severity, after recognizing the global crisis, on the other hand.

Our Services

Restructuring, Change Management, Transformation, Repositioning only focused on Market / Product and Technology Innovation hardly succeed to differentiate amongst competitors nowadays, despite huge amount of investment required.

That’s why Risk-Driven Innovation is certainly needed in order to really steal a march on your rivals.

Companies in the top 20% of risk maturity generated three times the level of EBITDA as those in the bottom 20%.

82% of institutional investors are willing to pay a premium for shares issued by effective risk management based companies.

Rivale’s partners experienced extensive projects in this respect and accumulated the best expertise in the market.

Rivale’s partners experienced extensive projects in this respect and accumulated the best expertise in the market.

  • Credit Analysis
  • Collateral Management
  • Project Finance
  • Outsourcing of Credit Related Services
  • Credit Control
  • Loan Administration & Monitoring

Rivale’s partners experienced extensive projects in respect of organizational changes and accumulated the best expertise in the market that is valuable in post-merger integration, too.