11 Lotru St., 1st District, Bucharest

”Hire character. Train skills.”

Peter Schutz

Rivale is able to identify people with an increased risk intelligence either native or acquired through the appropriate education and experience.

Although from professional point of view we are mainly oriented towards recruitment of risk, credit, debt recovery, valuators and control professionals, we are also available to help hiring various other professionals, from behavioural point of view.

Each and every employer seeks for people whose behavior is balanced, namely proactive but not impredictable, active but not hyperactive, calm but not inactive, reactive but not overreactive, firm but not aggressive, flexible but not neglegtful, attached to their ideas but not mad about them, brave but not hazardous.

Surprisingly, despite there are a lot of people who are active, brave, flexible, very few of them are reasonably balanced.

The worst people an employer could hire are those who are very effective but showing no adherence to the organizational values like integrity, ethics, loyalty, respect, teamwork, etc. Such people are able to destroy businesses completely.