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Risk Management

Compliance with governance legal requirements is one of the most important concern and we are available to help you to establish satisfactory Risk Management and Internal Control standards, governance and systems.

Rivale is your partner in assuring compliance in full by managing, based on satisfactory risk management policies and plans, the followings:

  • Evaluation of the whole universe of risks, such as: the Supply Chain risks, Operational risks, Hazards, Man-made risks, Risks associated with Data and Knowledge, Risks associated with the Legal system, Liability risk exposure (such as products liability, premise liability, employment practice liability, environmental liability, etc.), Technology obsolescence risk, Regulatory change risk, Risks related to human nature (theft, burglary, embezzlement, fraud);
  • Project Finance, Project / Investment Cost & Risk Management;
  • Avoidance of public services interruption by establishing satisfactory Public Services Continuity Management processes;
  • Development of the Risk Perception Culture and Risk Communication within your organisation;
  • Training & assessment of the staff having risk management responsibilities.

Additionally, we ensure the Assessment and Improvement of Risk Identification, Analysis and Evaluation Processes, Maturity Assessment of Enterprise Risk Management System, Independent Oversight for effectiveness assessment of risk control tactics, periodically.

Rivale is able to enhance the public’s trust regarding your Governance establishment related to:

  • Risk Based Performance Management
  • Risk Based Decision Making Process
  • Internal Control System Assessment and Development

Debt Restructuring and Insolvency for your critical debtors and suppliers

It refers to your Clients / Debtors / Suppliers that might face difficulties in observing their obligations. In case insolvency is suddenly declared, most probably there are not enough resources remaining anymore for refunding all of creditors. That’s why early warning signals must not be ignored. In case you are not proactive in this respect, most probably will lose more money, while if you would detect the problem before other creditors would do it, you would have a good chance to recover the debt shortly as your pressure on the debtor might convince him to prioritize the payments in your favor. Rivale is able to help you by detecting insolvency early signals and by assisting you in recovering the debt before insolvency occurs.

As a consequence of the early detection of insolvency warning signals, Rivale is able to prepare debt restructuring plans for avoiding insolvency without coping with insolvency law constraints, by gathering the debtors and most important creditors and negotiating the participation of each one under parity conditions.

Both debtors and creditors have the opportunity to draw up judicial re-organization plans. The difficulty consists in applying the economic reasons under restrictive conditions of the legal provisions. Rivale has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you with the preparation of the reorganization plans.

For defending effectively your rights you need professional assistance. The lawyers’ houses are able to cover legal issues but not economic and financial ones that certainly happen during insolvency phases. Rivale is ready to prevent the waste of debtors’ resources during insolvency process by supervising all of operations performed by both debtors’ administrators and insolvency practitioners.

All of enterprises and authorities must focus on their core business. That’s why outsourcing the bad assets realization is going to avoid the business opportunity costs. It is also the only way for crowdfunding investors to act in this respect.

Rivale’s partners experienced extensive projects in this respect and accumulated the best expertise in the market.