11 Lotru St., 1st District, Bucharest

Mircea Dima

Founder, Managing Partner, Enterprise Risk Management, Business & Assets Valuation, Project & Corporate Finance

    Mircea acquired an extensive professional experience of over 26 years by working for 8 corporate organizations, including multinationals, primarily in Banking and secondarily in Energy. He also gathered over 6 years of entrepreneurship experience in consulting business.

    His expertise includes risk management, internal control, business valuation, process management, corporate finance, project finance, business turnaround and restructuring, change management, realization of assets in distress, insolvency management, insurance and investment consulting, quality management.

    Besides developing advanced business analysis techniques, Mircea exercised main treatment of legal aspects, strategic thinking, responsibility taking and sharing, innovative approach, leadership, he offered coaching and training and established best practices and policies, as well as created value by finding synergies that increased the effectiveness of processes.

    He brought important contribution to the review of organizations’ internal processes under the adverse business climate during the global economic crises in 1998-1999, as well as in 2008-2013.

    Being comfortable with international business cultures and taking into account his education, experience and flexibility towards challenges, his approach fits every business culture based on performance criteria and practical principles that requests knowledge, reason, understanding, hard work, policy and strategy.

    Main values he believes in are the followings: Trust, Responsibility, Accountability, Team Co-operation, Knowledge, Expertise, Sharing Experience, Professional Respect, Ethics & Integrity, Loyalty.

    Mircea holds a Bsc in Industrial Machines Building from Engineering University Bucharest, a Business Development Master diploma from Economics Academy Bucharest, an EMBA diploma from CNAM Paris, Six Sigma process management certification, business evaluator license, broker certification from Securities Commission, insolvency practitioner license, Assets and Liabilities Management knowledge, etc.